URSSU Peer Mentorship Program

URSSU is launching a Peer Mentorship Program!

The Peer Mentorship Program will match a mentee (someone in Year 1 or Year 2) with a mentor (someone in Year 3 or higher). The program is intended to:

  1. Assist incoming Urban Studies students by providing them with a resource on university programs
  2. Provide senior Urban Studies students with an opportunity to perform in a leadership and mentoring role
  3. Foster collegiality and community among Urban Studies students.

The mentor must be enrolled in the Urban Studies program (specialist, major, and minor are all eligible). The mentee must either be enrolled in the Urban Studies Program or planning to enrol.

The mentor and mentee will meet throughout the school year until April 2016, at a frequency they mutually agree on. There will also be an initial kick-off meeting and an year-end meeting.

Please click below to access the mentee and mentor applications (in .docx format), and follow the instructions on the bottom to submit them by October 15 2015.

URSSU Mentee Application 2015

URSSU Mentor Application 2015


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