End of Term Elections and Social!

The Urban Studies Students Union will be holding its annual elections meeting and social on the same day! Come to the Innis College Student Lounge (IN105) at 4:00pm on Friday, April 4th if you would like to run for a position on next year’s council!

Positions include: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and multiple General council positions (i.e. Class Representatives, Social Media Coordinator).

Be prepared to make a brief statement about why you think you are a successful candidate and should be elected to a certain position.


After the election all Urban Studies students and faculty are invited to join URSSU for dinner at the Gladstone Hotel Melody Bar to celebrate the end of the academic year. Refreshments will be provided.

Detailed descriptions of positions:
*All members must be enrolled in the Urban Studies Program*

Executive Council:

Primarily responsible for coordinating executive activities and duties, planning council meetings and events, attending all ASSU meetings.
Acts as the official chair of all meetings of Council, and acts as the official representative of Council at external functions.
Signing officer of Council

Vice President
Primarily responsible for executing the duties of the president in his/her absence, and supporting the council at all meetings.

Primarily responsible for overseeing financial transactions and preparing financial statements for Council.
Signing officer of Council

Primarily responsible for maintaining records of Council and completing clerical tasks.
Acts at as the information officer of council and prepares all information releases.

General Council:

Class Representative
Primarily responsible for representing the views of Urban Studies classmates and relaying information about events to students and professors.

Social Media Coordinator
Primarily responsible for updating all social media networks (twitter, facebook, blog, etc) with events, program information, and general meeting updates.

Graphic Design Coordinator
Primarily responsible for creating event posters and distributing them to the council for advertising on various networks.


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