Urban Studies Student Union (URSSU)

The Urban Studies Student Union (URSSU) is the student union representing those in the Urban Studies program at the University of Toronto, part of the larger Arts and Science Student Union (ASSU). It’s executive is composed of elected undergraduate students who organize urban-focused academic and social events, provide peer support, and raise awareness about urban issues.

Urban Studies is a multidisciplinary program spanning the study of architecture, economics, environment, geography, history, politics, and sociology as they relate to cities. The Urban Studies program is hosted at Innis College at the University of Toronto, which provides more information here.

URSSU welcomes involvement from all Urban Studies students – specialists, majors, and minors. If you would like to become more active within the student union, have questions about events or the program, or are interested in collaborating with URSSU in some way, please contact us at urssuinfo@gmail.com.

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2019-2020 URSSU Executive:

Co-Presidents: Nikki M. Pagaling & In Chan (Ian) Hwang
Secretary: Bianca Gornik
DenCITY Representative: Daria Mancino
Treasurer: Lizzy Marcus
Social Media Co-ordinator: Neekoo Zand
Upper Year Representative: Jack McCrossin & Nathan Wener
Lower Year Representatives: Arishah Mazhar & Daniel H. Endale